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I have lived in the Chattanooga area since I was a young girl. Growing up, I dreamt of being a nurse and helping people. I lived out my dream and became a nurse in 2008 and found my love for helping moms and babies, where I’ve spent the majority of my career. I also worked a year in the NICU. I then spent two years as a registered nurse in Utilization Management for an insurance company. My passion for working with moms and babies began tugging at my heart in 2014, when I had a home birth with my second child. Taking a leap of faith, I went back to the local hospital I worked and was hired that same year as a Certified Lactation Consultant. I yearned to gain more knowledge about breastfeeding. The desire to open my own private practice has been in the making for so long. I needed someone like me when I was struggling with breastfeeding. I had no one to turn to for advice except my friends, and well, let’s be honest, you will get all sorts of answers from friends and family.

I started seeing clients on the side, doing home visits back in 2014, and knew this is what I wanted to do for my career. In July 2018, I passed my International Board Certified Lactation exam (the highest level of lactation). I currently work PRN at a local hospital as a lactation specialist, but on January 1, 2020, I started my private lactation consulting practice. I am currently homeschooling my two children who are in Kindergarten and second grade. I am glad I can be apart of your breastfeeding journey, and I look forward to meeting you where you are at in the process. Breastfeeding takes patience, dedication, and a supportive team. It’s the best investment you will make for you and your baby’s health, and I promise to help you along the way.

My Services

Now accepting insurance for qualifying plans through the Lactation Network!


$150/ Visit

  • Up to 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Birth History
  • Medical History
  • Weighing before and after feeding
  • Oral evaluation
  • Encouragement & support by email or phone


$100/ Visit

  • Breastfeeding Education and Support
  • Feeding Assessment
  • Breast Care
  • Assistance with Breast Pumps, Nipple Shields and Other Lactation Devices
  • *Eligible for qualifying insurance plans

Follow up

$125/ Visit

  • Up to 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Weight checks
  • Latching and position help
  • Adjust current care plan as needed


$30/ Half-hour

  • Talk through current plan
  • Readjust to new situations
  • *Not eligible for insurance reimbursement


I loved working with Ashley!! We’ve had breastfeeding issues since our baby was born and I felt super hopeless about being able to maintain breastfeeding. I love that we were able to get help in our home environment where I’m most comfortable. Ashley was amazing about answering all of my questions (and being super patient with an exhausted, stressed first time mom) and was able to help me learn what breastfeeding techniques best work for me and baby. Cannot recommend enough!


Ashley was an integral part of our breastfeeding journey. She came to my house twice within the first few days of my son’s birth to help work through inverted nipple issues. We were able to continue breastfeeding for over two years after that and I can’t thank Ashley enough for her patience, kindness, and expertise.


While the lactation consultant at the hospital was helpful, a couple of sessions were just not enough. Ashley was quick to respond to my SOS once I arrived home and felt overwhelmed. Ashley addressed my questions and reviewed multiple positions to hold the baby while I nurse (vs the one position we reviewed at the hospital). I felt more confident by the time she left. I also appreciated that her visit fee included a follow-up phone conversation regarding the topic addressed in the initial visit if needed! I would recommend any mom (especially first time!) to call Ashley from the hospital & get a home visit on the calendar within 24 hours from discharge versus waiting until you are home and overwhelmed.


I was struggling with latching and questioning if i was producing enough milk for my daughter. Ashley came did an in home lactation consult. She weigh my daughter pre-feed, in the middle of the feed, and post feed. She went over latching, how to bring the baby back to breast ( I had to supplement with formula and my had gotten used to a bottle), different techniques and supplements to help up with milk production…and so much more. She is positive, patient and nurturing. I have recommended her to other friends who are pregnant.

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