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Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTS) and Oral Motor Function.

An Expert IBCLC can save your breastfeeding journey!

I’m Ashley, an expert IBCLC (international board-certified lactation consultant), assess tongue ties in Chattanooga. This medical concern can cause many breastfeeding and feeding challenges because the tongue can’t move around like it’s supposed to. But I’m here to make your breastfeeding journey more enjoyable and provide the best care for both you and your baby.

  1. With our tongue/lip/buccal tie care plan we will identify all the potential causes of feeding skills and breastfeeding challenges.

2. Assess movement and provide tailored exercises to optimize the release by teaching the brain how to map the new connections and give it strength. We are trained to assess function and your baby’s oral motor skills. From there we can recommend a treatment plan consisting of exercises and Craniosacral Facial Therapy (CFT) to help improve function.

3. Once it’s an optimal time for releasing the Post release Therapy activities help to support optimal healing and function.

4. Continued support with step-by-step care and followups for continued tongue healing with strength and coordination.

I can help take the stress out of tongue ties with my knowledge and support so that you can have a successful nursing journey .

A tongue tie evaluation provides knowledge in three main areas: anatomy, function, and symptoms. 

I don’t just provide breastfeeding support, Chattanooga Lactation provides complete care for your tongue tied baby. I won’t just assess a tongue tie, I create a smooth process from the entire release process to aftercare. When you work with me you don’t have to feel stressed what to do next. Together we walk through the process.

Meeting before ties are released allow us to go over all the options, timeline, referrals, exercises to make sure the ties are released at the most optimal time to lead to the most success! It’s easy to schedule!


Many medical professional’s and even a lot of Lactation consultants do not fully understand the symptoms and signs of tethered oral tissue. Some medical professionals have taken extra training on how to identify and treat oral restrictions and how it can affect the breastfeeding dyad. Going to a provider who is skilled at identifying ties is important for appropriate treatment and diagnosis and working with a trained IBCLC to continue support through the healing process.

I will do a manual oral exam, take detailed photos, and use multiple assessment tools to assess whether your baby’s oral function is optimal and collaboratively work with your providers. Lactation therapy will be provided to help with strength and coordination. I will provide you support from the beginning to the end until reaching your feeding goals.

Oral assessment involves more than “ Your baby can stick there tongue out-not tongue tied!” We look at anatomy, oral function- can the tongue move up/down, side-to-side-, cupping, lifting, extend and Symptoms the mom or baby is having.


  • Pain with breastfeeding
  • Nipple damage or misshapen nipples
  • Low milk supply
  • Vasospasms on nipples
  • Mastitis or blocked ducts
  • Thrush
  • Vasospasm’s
  • Sleep deprivation because baby isn’t able to nurse efficiently


  • Swallowing air “Aerophagia”
  • Poor weight gain
  • Poor transfer of milk
  • Dimpling of cheeks
  • Unable to sustain a deep latch
  • Clicking when breastfeeding
  • Choking on milk
  • Excessive fussiness
  • Chomping and biting
  • Tires easily at the breast
  • Frequent and long feedings
  • Spilling milk at the breast or bottle feeding
  • Fussy
  • Poor sleeping
  • Tight muscles (Hypertonic)
  • High palate
  • Heart shaped tongue


  1. Schedule a consult for Lactation Therapy. Office appointment here , located in Ooltewah at 9409 Apison Pike Ooltewah, TN 37363, conveniently located within minutes of Chattanooga’s preferred local tie release providers. For more available times please text me at 423-619-3622.
  2. Recommend an appointment BEFORE procedure and followup visit AFTER the procedure 3-5 days post release. Sometimes more than one visit is needed.
  3. We will discuss concerns and questions, what to expect with the procedure, refer you to our preferred laser providers and body workers, observe a feeding at the breast or bottle. I will provide education on Lactation therapy which includes suck training exercises that you will start before the release based on the individualized oral evaluation. You will get a detailed care plan after our visits for the best success with healing and oral function, so you can feel confident and focus on comforting your little one after the procedure.

“We had my newborn’s tongue and lip ties revised and needed support as we learned to nurse after her revision. Enter Ashley Lucas. She is so knowledgeable about all things breastfeeding and specifically oral ties and revisions. She swooped in and put us at ease, and taught us so many amazing exercises to help our baby adjust to her new range of motion. IBCLC’s who are educated in the nuances of ties are few and far between. If your baby has ties, make sure you book with Ashley! She will help make sure you have a smooth recovery process and your baby’s mouth will heal properly!” -Hannah J.

“Ashley SAVED my breastfeeding journey! My pediatrician could not figure out what was wrong with my baby and it turns out that she had a severe tongue tie. Ashley came over to our house and we felt super comfortable with her. Ashley recommended us to a doctor who was able to correct it. My daughter nurses great now! I was honestly about to give up breastfeeding as I thought I was doing something wrong. Thanks Ashley ❤️“

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