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“HIGHLY RECOMMEND PRENATAL APPT IF PLANNING TO BREASTFEED* I saw Ashley Lucas for a Prenatal lactation appointment about 3 weeks before my daughter was born. This Appt was hands down the best thing I did for our breastfeeding journey. I took the hospital course from Erlanger East and listened to a few podcast but NOTHING prepared me like this Appt!!
Ashley showed me how to hold baby, how to latch, we practiced with a small baby doll. We went over how long to feed, how often, when to switch sides, just so much valuable information. Yes, the hospital has lactation consultants that visit after your baby is born but they are not there nights and weekends and when they are they have lots of patients to see. By the time someone sees you baby could have spent all night improperly latching and feeding poorly leaving you sore and baby hungry.
The nursing staff were so impressed with how well me and baby were doing. My nurse told me she had never seen a FTM start off so well feeding and I owe it all to that Prenatal Appt! Bonus: my insurance even covered it! Although it was absolutely worth the $125 it would have costs if insurance didn’t cover.
The additional benefit was I already had a relationship established with an IBCLC so after baby arrived and I had questions Ashley was right there to help. This was one of the best things I did to prepare for baby’s arrival 🙌”

“Great experience with Ashley! She is incredible knowledgeable and makes you feel comfortable right away. By the end of our visit we were already doing better with our feedings and she helped me navigate introducing bottles, pumping, and even other exercises and things we can do with our baby to help make sure he’s developing well. Definitely would recommend!” -Maddie

“Ashley is an incredible IBCLC, and you won’t regret it if you choose her. The lactation consultants that helped you in the hospital won’t compare to Ashley. She has extensive training to help her clients navigate even the most difficult issues. My baby didn’t want to wean from a nipple shield. By nipple shield I literally mean one specific shield brand and size. She would not take any other shield shape, size, etc. We were having transfer issues with the shield which caused her to start dropping weight, so I reached out to Ashley to help us get things fixed before we had to start supplementing with formula. With Ashley’s help we were able to wean from the nipple shield and baby’s weight started rising significantly. Our pediatrician is so impressed with how fast she gained in a week after dropping the shield. We’re now working to correct bad habits from using the nipple shield, and we’re working on perfecting baby’s latch to prevent nipple damage. Apart from Ashley’s knowledge, training, and skill set, what makes her even more valuable it how available she is for her clients. She’s incredibly responsive via text or email in between appointments, and when her schedule allows she’s flexible on seeing you sooner if needed. Those are priceless when you’re deep in postpartum hormones and anxiety trying to make breastfeeding work. We worry about these tiny humans so much, and it’s invaluable to have someone there to answer your questions or provide further directions when needed. Lastly, I appreciate that if she doesn’t know where to go next, she’ll reach out to her mentor and peers for additional eyes on the issue. She’s not above getting help if she needs it. This tells me that ultimately her only concern is to get me and my baby to the breastfeeding relationship we desire, and that’s what every parent wants when the look for a lactation consultant. I can’t recommend her enough. She’s great. Book your appointment now.” -Catherine

“I struggled so much with breastfeeding in the first few weeks. My baby had a hard time latching well and swallowing. I had to pump and supplement with a bottle when she didn’t get enough. It was all very overwhelming and discouraging. Having an in home visit from a lactation consultant made all the difference. I had three visits with Ashley and felt so much better and more confident after each one. My baby isn’t quite one month old and breastfeeding is still challenging but it’s so much better than it was thanks to Ashley’s help. I’m no longer having to pump and my baby is growing and thriving. I’m confident that with more time and practice, breastfeeding will be second nature. If you’re struggling with breastfeeding, I can’t recommend Ashley enough.” -Jessica S. 

“We had my newborn’s tongue and lip ties revised and needed support as we learned to nurse after her revision. Enter Ashley Lucas. She is so knowledgeable about all things breastfeeding and specifically oral ties and revisions. She swooped in and put us at ease, and taught us so many amazing exercises to help our baby adjust to her new range of motion. IBCLC’s who are educated in the nuances of ties are few and far between. If your baby has ties, make sure you book with Ashley! She will help make sure you have a smooth recovery process and your baby’s mouth will heal properly!” -Hannah J.

“Ashley was absolutely amazing. She is very knowledgeable and passionate. She took time to fully assess what was going on and helped me form an extensive plan of care to improve things. Ashley took the time to explain, demonstrate, and watch me try things. I would 100% recommend having her out to see you and your baby even if you think the latch is okay. She goes so much beyond the latch.” -Shelly S.